CLIENT: Capital Fire Sprinkler
New York, United States

Capitol Fire is a full service and licensed fire sprinkler company proudly helping thousands of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings in the New York area protect their property and people.

I was very excited when they came to me for an exciting project.

They came to me with a problem that some of their previous clients have not come back to them for their regular inspections and testing.

The brief was to create a sad sprinkler character to give the feeling of being missed.

In this particular project, I have collaborated with a Filipino Artist and Architect, Eduardo Loquinario, to draw the sprinkler character.

These images showcases the creative process from initial character draft to final postcard artwork.


Sad Sprinkler Drawing Eduard Loquinario
Sad Sprinkler Drawing Eduard Loquinario
Capitol Fire Sprinkler New York Postcard Design